Mattel Ghostbusters Classics 6'' Ray Stantz


     So many things have happened since I last updated this site, that I haven't had had the time to write any more. For example, my camera got lost, and just some weeks ago, I was able to get a new camera  so at last, I'll post this review.

So, imitating Mario, Here we go!!! 


I will not put that in the following reviews, but I want you to get used to the method I'll use to review. I know this figure was sold out a long time ago, but I still would like to tell you about it. 

Last year, Mattel got out the first movie Ghostbusters figures, at last bringing the dream of millions of fans to reality. While I missed Egon, I was able to get my hands on Ray, Winston, and finally just some weeks ago Peter. 

This was sold at MattyCollector.com, on October, 2009


 Packaging- **** 1/2

I really like this package. It displays the figure well, and has some nice graphics on the front and back. The Ghostbusters logo in the front is really nice, with an actual sculpted part. It has two terror dogs on the sides, and in the back of the card is a painting that shows the Staypuft Marshmallow man trying to hold the figure. Sorry that the figure isn't  in the package in the photo - I just wanted to get it out!


The back displays some info on the character, along with a photo of Ray, and the backgound used is Peter's.


  Sculpting in this figure is done by the four horsemen for Mattel. I have to say, that it is really well done. There's lots of great detail in the hair, and even the eyebrows are sculpted. The body features some of the best detail I've seen in the 6'' scale.

So why did I take down a star? Simple- the head, while very detailed, is a little ''squished'' by the sides, making Ray look... well, malnourished. Still, the sculpt is great, and the head still makes a passing likeness to Dan Akroyd.


 Since the proton pack is glued to the figure, I'm gonna count it in this section, instead of in the accessory section. 

It's incredible! Really, just amazing! For it's size, approximately 2'' long by 1 1/4'' wide, it's as detailed as it were sculpted by NECA. There's lot of cool little wires and hoses everywhere, and it really makes fan dreams come true. The neutrona wand is made from soft rubber, so it can be fitted in Ray's hands.

Many people have complained about Mattel using this body for every figure. I think that, while it would be great to have some newly tooled pieces in every figure, this body is great and can be reused many times, because of the ''general'' look of it.

        You may notice the cable of the neutrona wand isn't there. that's because the cable is made of a type of ''hard rubber'' which was very easy to break, even with normal movement. The later figure got a little better, although the only one that haven't ripped is Peter's.


 Paint- **** 1/2

  Paint application is as good as expected, and thankfully, there's almost no slop to be seen. All the little zippers are painted a silver color, and all the wires are panted, too. There's a little slop here and there, for example, where the hair begins, but it's OK, looks good anyhow!

The No Ghost symbol is a tampo, as is the name-tag. Something that I'd have liked is to have some wash in the uniform, for it looks to clean for a ghostbusters. Hey, busting ghost all day doesn't leave you very clean! There is  some ''soil'' on the shoes- just a little stab of brown paint. It works, so, why couldn't Mattel just give the body some dirt? Still, for me, who's been wanting a movie Ghostbusters figure for years... it's OK.



Articulation- ****

  The figure sports a total of 20 points of articulation- quite a number! But we all know that it is not the number that counts, but the posability of the joints. And I have to say that Ray is able to take a multiple number of poses, and thanks to the well designed elbows he's able to hold the proton gun. They also have a contradiction- that, when stretch out, look like they are dislocated. 

  Let me say a count of all the points- ball-jointed head (a true ball-joint), pin and disk shoulders ( I'll call these ball-joints too), ball-jointed elbows, ball hands, cut waist, Mattel hips ( which work like ball joints), cut thights, hinged knees, a cut above the boots, hinged ankles, and a rocker joint in the foot.


Accesories- *** 1/2 

  Ray supposedly comes with ''two'' accessories, but really comes with one. One is the proton pack, but it is glued on to him, so he's really only accessory is the 'No ghost' symbol.

It is really well done, capturing the look of the ghost in a cool 3D form. The red symbol is removable, by taking the head off. Also, it is standing in a stand (really?) made of clear plastic. One of the cool features of the ghost is that it glows in the dark- I love glow in the dark stuff- so he definitely gets half a star for that. 




 Price- ***

          Many people originally reclaimed that the price of the figure was very high, but in my opinion $20 bucks for a figure is pretty good for today's economy. One thing, the shipping price is $8.70, and that's where it hurts, Especially for only one accessory. But one has to think about the license that mattel had to buy, and especially the likeness of the characters, and that the figure does feature many parts, more that the traditional action figure.




Some things you should take care of: 

The cable of the neutrona wand is made from a very strange rubber, and can be broken easily. Also, the same applies for the rest of the wires and cables around the figure. You can see mine broke, and you should know that I am very careful with my figures, so.... take care!



Total score- ****

         This is overall a very good figure, and a very good series of figures. I know this figure is really old, and that there have been lots of figure after this one, but I wanted to review this one because it's one of my favorites. Finally, figures based on the actual Ghostbusters movie!


-Thanks for viewing this review. I know I took ages to finish it, but with all the work, well, I don't really have much time, but don't worry, I continue to post new reviews every once in a while. You can expect (sometime) reviews of the rest of the characters. -SP